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Utility Locator Training

Utility Line Locator Certification Training Objectives

We have a one and two-day utility line locator certification training program for both professional locators and new locators is tailored to meet the requirements recommended by the National Utility Locating Contractors Association (NULCA) Locator Training Standards and Practices. The course provides participants a more complete understanding of electromagnetic utility locating and a deeper level of underground infrastructure protection. This locator training course addresses section four of the Common Ground Alliance Best Practices.

What to Expect:

The utility line locator training consists of classroom and hands-on field training.

– The classroom segment is focused on science and theory allowing the participants a deeper understanding of how the instruments function.

– Field examples become increasingly more challenging.
Complex, congested line locating techniques are discussed and employed.
Written and hands-on tests are used to gauge competency. Certification will be awarded to students who pass the hands-on test and score over 75% on the written tests.

*Participants should bring their own instruments unless other arrangements are made.
*Participants should be prepared for all weather conditions.

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