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Active Shooter

Our active shooter training was created for Businesses, Churches, Schools to show what could happen, different scenarios, why these incidences happen, and how they can plan and train to overcome an active shooter incident.

Active Shooter attacks have increased over the past 20 years and we need to adapt from these attacks. Our goal is to empower all staff and educate them on how to survive an attack.  Some School Districts are  pushing for every single school staff member to be trained in each district.  We know that Active Shooter needs to be taught in baby steps to your staff, so we have created different levels of training to build confidence in your staff.  You never know when or where an attacker will strike, so you need to prepare everyone.  We encourage all local police agencies to join our training events in their districts.

Active Shooter Response Training for Churches, Businesses, and Schools

CST training will also address:

  • Mass evacuation
  • Trauma and casualty care/medical triage
  • Enhanced physical protection methods for selected staff

Active Shooter Training Workshops, ASR Plan development and review , Rolling-Classroom, Table-top scenarios, and live-action role play scenarios can be provided,  on or off-site.  Large or small group safety briefings can also be included for organizations seeking to empower and educate their members on how to survive and repel such attacks.

One of the largest strengths found in a church, business, or school is the strength of its people.  Bringing people together under the same preventative plan, and using the teamwork and focus on helping one another, and assisting each other is a key component to prevention of such incidents.  Having a well-informed, cooperative, and singularly focused group of persons dedicated to effectively preventing, stopping, and deterring such situations from happening is something the Active Shooter Response Training for churches, businesses, or schools will bring to your facility.

During an Active Shooter or Armed Intruder event, some of the expected issues a group of people will face are: mass confusion and panic, medical emergencies, potential loss of command structure, poor communication, poor visibility, and overall lack of coordinated response which can lead to additional risk and harm done to both parishioners and visitors.  CST ASR training will address these risks and assist organizations is strengthening their response to such events.

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