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What is Colorado Safety Training Training?

Colorado Safety Training is a company located in Lamar Co. that offers Training for locators, schools, colleges, businesses, places of worship, and individuals across the country.  Our primary goal is Safety in everything you do.  Whether that be locating underground pipelines, personal protection, the protection of others.  Our programs transform the way employers and staff respond to a problem, or potential problem, and are designed to empower staff to act when faced with a situation.


Firearms & Concealed Carry Training

We have classes for beginners and advanced classes for students who have taken the Beginner’s Basic Pistol Class or have extensive knowledge of how to correctly operate a handgun by exhibiting proper safety, knowing how the firearm functions

Utility Locator Training

Colorado Safety Training offers utility locator training programs that include classroom and hands-on instruction benefiting all levels of utility locators, from novice to expert

Active Shooter

Our active shooter training was created for Businesses, Churches, Schools to show what could happen, different scenarios, why these incidences happen, and how they can plan and train to overcome an active shooter incident.

TiPS & ServSafe Training

TiPS Training program is designed to teach participants to prevent intoxication, drunk driving and underage drinking . Servsafe Manager Training - is required by most Health Departments for restaurant managers. We teach you food safety, food handling, the flow of food during this training, and conclude with the Servsafe Manager Test.


Whether you’re a new gun or experienced Safety person or company, we have a course for you!


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